Garage Kits in Sault Ste. Marie

Looking for a steel garage kit in Sault Ste. Marie? We have hundreds of options for , and Canada Steel Buildings' sturctures are made with the best possible quality steel and components! Having 30 years of experience in the industry, Canada Steel Buildings has a reputation of supplying incredible products. No matter what type of building needed, you'll find it at Canada Steel Buildings. All of our steel buildings can be applied to any application you can imagine. Long lasting and weather protected, our products are well suited for any condition. With a prefab building from Canada Steel Buildings, you will specify the dimensions of your garage kit. You determine if you want to include walls or not, the dimensions, and whether to include windows and doors! All of our steel buildings are unique based on our customers needs!

Why Our Customers Choose Canada Steel Buildings

Future Building Guarantees

Galvalume Plus™ is a type of steel that's thermally treated and coated. Canada Steel Buildings are produced with Galvalume Plus™ steel, allowing them to be 7x more rust resistant as compared with galvanized steel. Knowing that the best materials are used, you can rest assured knowing that your garage kit will last for a long time. You'll even receive a 30 year rust puncture warranty! And, when you order your garage kit from Canada Steel Buildings, you'll have full access to the Canada Steel Buildings team. We're available to address any concerns you may have about your steel building, the construction or how to maintaining it.

Setting Up Your garage kit

Your garage kit will be sent directly to your Sault Ste. Marie home or business location, no other preparations are needed. When it comes time, and you want to erect your garage kit, you'll only need one powertool, a drill. That's all! We have created our buildings in a simple, do-it-yourself way. Just grab a few family members or friends, and you won't have to hire a contractor for set-up.

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