Car Garages in Saskatoon

Are you in the market for a steel car garage in Saskatoon? Stocking hundreds of steel buildings for practically any purpose, we are your top choice for in Saskatoon! Canada Steel Buildings has been serving the prefab building industry since the 1980's, which is the reason why our clientele keep coming back! Regardless of the kind of structure needed, we will help you get it. All our steel buildings are easily applied to any project you can imagine. We produce all of our metal buildings with the very best steel, making them suitable for all climates, sturdy, and for any location in Canada and the United States. All of our are shipped in kits, each custom-made according to the specifications of the order. Once erected, all of our steel buildings can have walls built from different construction materials.

Why Our Clients Prefer Us

Our Products and Warranties

Canada Steel Buildings are created with Galvalume Plus™, coated and thermally cured, rendering it seven times more resistant to rust when compared to standard steel. We are so confident in the quality of our that we provide a 30 year rust perforation warranty. Once the prefab building arrives, we're accessible to help you along at every step along the way, and you can connect with our experts whenever you need assistance.

Setting Up Your car garage

Your car garage will be brought straight to your Saskatoon building site, no other arrangements are required. Once you're ready to put together your car garage, you will only require one powertool, a drill. That's all! We've designed our buildings in an easy DIY way. Grab a couple family members or neighbors, and you don't have to use a contractor for the build.

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