Horse Barns in Oshawa

Are you looking at a steel horse barn in Oshawa for your company? We supply our clients with the highest quality in the industry and will set you up with what you need in no time at all! We've been running for over 30 years and have gained experience with a variety of sizes and layouts of metal buildings. Whatever you need, Canada Steel Buildings are incredibly multi-functional and can be used for any application. We make our buildings out of the best steel, meaning they are suitable for all climates and environments, long lasting, for any region in North America. With our building systems, you are able to customize the size and shape of your horse barn. You get to decide if you want to include walls or not, what they'll look like, and whether or not to incorporate windows and doors! All of our steel buildings are unique by design!

Why Our Customers Choose Canada Steel Buildings

Future Building Guarantees

We use only superior materials like Galvalume Plus™ for our products. This steel is coated and thermally cured, rendering a steel material that's 7x more resistant to rust. Because of this, we provide a 30 year rust perforation warranty. Once your steel building is ordered, you'll get full access to our team whenever you need us. We're on hand to provide guidance at any point in the assembly, for as long as the building is still standing!

Setting-Up Your horse barn

No need to be concerned about picking up the building, we'll arrange for it to be shipped straight to you! When you want to put together your horse barn, the only tool you'll need is a cordless drill. That's it! All of our steel buildings are designed as DIY projects, so there's no need to use a professional. Round-up some friends of neighbors and you should finish over a weekend!

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