Workshops in Fredericton

Searching into a steel workshop in Fredericton? Offering dozens of steel buildings for virtually any application, we are your top choice for in Fredericton! We opened for business 30+ years ago and have experience with all sizes and shapes of metal buildings. All our products can be utilized for numerous different purposes including car ports, car garages, fire halls and many more. Our buildings are incredibly long lasting, climate protected, enduring the toughest weather and elements in North America. All the are supplied in kits, where each is customized regarding shapes and dimensions. Once constructed, all can incorporate walls built of a variety of construction materials.

Why Our Clients Go With Us

Future Building Warranties

Galvalume Plus™ is a manufactured steel that's thermally treated and coated. Canada Steel Buildings are made with this steel, making them 7x more resistant to rust than galvanized steel. Because of this, we offer a 30 year rust perforation product warranty. Once the building arrives, our team is always on hand to help you along when needed, and you'll have access to our experts whenever needed.

Putting Together Your workshop

We will send your workshop right to your Fredericton location - there is no need for a pick-up. When it comes time, and you're ready to erect your building, the only powertool you will need is a drill. That's all! All of our buildings are manufactured in a diy manner, so it won't be necessary to pay a contractor. Recruit a couple neighbors and you should finish over a few days!

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