Garage Kits in Fredericton

Looking to buy a steel garage kit in Fredericton? We have the highest quality around, for many applications! We opened for business in the 1980's and have experience with several sizes and layouts of buildings. Whatever you are looking for, Canada Steel Buildings are remarkably multi-functional and works well for any purpose. All of our buildings are especially durable, climate resistant and can hold up to the toughest weather and elements in North America. With a building from Canada Steel Buildings, you will specify the dimensions of the garage kit. You choose if you want to include interior walls or not, the sizes and dimensions, and whether to frame in doors and windows! Each of our steel buildings are unique!

Why Clients Prefer Us

Future Building Warranties

We're proud to only use the highest quality metal for our products. At Canada Steel Buildings we, use Galvalume Plus™ steel for all our , making them significantly more rust resistant compared with other types of steels. Because of this, we provide a 30-year rust perforation product guarantee. We are pleased to provide all clients with assistance for the lifetime of their building! Any concerns at any time, simply give us a call!

Constructing Your garage kit

Your garage kit kit will be sent directly to your Fredericton home or business location, no additional arrangements are necessary. Set up is simple and easy, and the only tool required is a drill to erect your garage kit. Our DIY style and design makes for a straight forward installation with the assistance of a few buddies!

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Considering a garage kit in Fredericton from the team at Canada Steel Buildings? If you want an estimate, call us at 1-888-996-4014. You can also complete the convenient online contact form and we will reach out to you right away.


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