Workshops in Calgary

Are you interested in a steel workshop in Calgary? We carry our customers with the best in the market and we can have you all set in no time at all! Canada Steel Buildings has been supporting the prefabricated building industry since the 80's, which is why our customers keep coming back time and again! Whatever you are interested in, you are sure to find the ideal system with one of our buildings. All of our products are extremely durable, climate resistant, enduring the harshest conditions and elements in North America. With Canada Steel Buildings, you will buy precisely what you want because you can customize the size and shape of the workshop. You decide if you want interior walls or not, what they'll look like, and whether to frame in doors and windows! Each of our steel buildings are unique by design!

Why Our Clients Prefer Us

Future Building Guarantees

Canada Steel Buildings only use quality materials like Galvalume Plus™ steel for our steel buildings. This type of steel is thermally treated and coated, resulting in a steel that is seven times more rust resistant. Because of this, every purchase is accompanied by a 30 year rust puncture product warranty. We are pleased to offer all our customers unlimited support for the life of their purchase! If you have any questions, just give us a call!

Setting Up Your workshop

After ordering your workshop in Calgary, it'll arrive in a kit to the installation site. When you're set to assemble your workshop, there's no need for calculations, measurements or cutting needed, and you aren't going to need any powertools - except for a cordless drill! All our buildings are designed so you'll be able to save money. Our DIY installation means that you just ask the help of some family members and you aren't going to need a professional!

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