Garage Kits in Brampton

Looking to buy a steel garage kit for your Brampton home or company? We carry the very best in the business and we'll have you ready to go in no time! We have been supporting the prefab steel building industry since the 1980's, which is the reason our clients keep coming back time and time again! All our steel buildings are utilized for a diverse range of applications such as carports, garages, hockey arenas and much more. All of our products are especially strong, weather protected and can hold up against even the most extreme North American weather conditions. All of our can be completely custom-made, where you can easily define the dimensions of your building, create interior and exterior walls, and include windows and doors.

Why Our Customers Go With Canada Steel Buildings

About Our and Guarantees

Our buildings are created with Galvalume Plus™, which is then coated and thermally treated, so that it is 7x more rust resistant in comparison to standard steel. We're so confident in the high quality of our that they're covered with a 30-year rust perforation guarantee. And, with a garage kit from Canada Steel Buildings, you will get unlimited access to our team. We're available to address any concerns about your garage kit, its assembly or how to care for it.

Putting Together Your garage kit

No need to stress about having to pick up the garage kit, we'll make arrangements for it to be sent directly to you! Installation is a snap, and no tools (except a drill) are needed to assemble your garage kit. All our products are designed as DIY projects, so it's not necessary to pay for a professional. Pull together a couple friends and you will have it finished over a couple days!

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