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Looking to invest in a steel car garage for your Ajax home or company? Canada Steel Buildings offers the best , for any application! We've been in operation for over 30 years and have gained experience with multiple sizes and shapes of metal buildings. Whether you need a carport, workshop or equipment storage, all of our steel buildings are incredibly multi-functional and works well for virtually any need. Our steel buildings are incredibly durable, weather resistant and can withstand even the harshest environments in North America. All of the steel are delivered in pre-fabricated kits, where each is customized with respect to sizes and dimensions. When the building has been assembled, all can have walls or partitions built of various materials.

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About Our and Guarantees

Canada Steel Buildings are constructed from Galvalume Plus™, thermally treated and coated, making it 7x more resistant to rust unlike standard galvanized steel. And because we use the best materials, you will be confident knowing that your car garage is sure to last. You'll also receive our 30 year rust perforation product guarantee! Plus, with every purchase you'll have unlimited access to our team. Our staff is available to address any concerns regarding your building, the design, the assembly or how to maintaining it.

Putting Together The car garage

We'll send your car garage right to your Ajax location--we save you the trouble of picking it up. We've made the construction step quick and easy. You won't need numerous powertools and cutting is not necessary, only a drill--that's it! We have developed our products in a quick, DIY way to save you money. Grab a couple family members or buddies, and you won't have worry about hiring a contractor for the assembly.

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