About Us

Who we are

It all began back in the early 80's, when Canada Steel Buildings was a small company, producing Quonset buildings for drivers, miners, farmers, and loggers across this great nation. We came to understand the way of life and needs of the individuals who work in these industries, and we could then provide them with the right solutions at an affordable price. This is our formula, and today is still the core principle of our business, earning us the reputation of being one of the leading manufacturers of prefabricated buildings across North America. Every day, our head office works directly with our factory to provide our customers with the best steel buildings at the most affordable price, and we're proud to have supplied virtually every walk of life, trade, and industry in North America and around the world. We thank all for helping us to become the leading experts in our field! Call any one of our prebab building specialists today and they'll help you build more space into your world. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Customers

Canada Steel Buildings has manufactured, designed, and delivered quality steel buildings for nearly every business and personal application out there. Many are straightforward structures, but our engineers and product specialists have also designed buildings solving some of the most challenging project requirements for our customers involving the application, size, customization, location, turn-around times, and budget. We're extremely proud to have been brought to the table to work with our clients to develop the right structures required to expand or improve their businesses. We think outside the box, and this ability to be creative is what really make us stand out from our competition. That's also why our referral and repeat business has earned us a rock-hard and trusted reputation in this industry - a true testament to who we really are and what we do. Quite simply, we are in the business of helping customers build theirs.

Our Expertise

Our steel buildings improve homes and businesses across North America every day – from military aircraft hangers - to mining company storage facilities – to transportation maintenance buildings for trucks and trains – we're everywhere! We're 100% North American owned and operated, and have over 30 years experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of prefabricated arch style steel buildings. We're experts in supplying steel building storage solutions for business and residential applications across the United States, Canada, and world wide.


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